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BuffedStuff ®

Private Personal Training: Enter the Buffed Zone, Where Metamorphic Transformations occur

Renew your mind, refresh your hope and make a personal vow to believe in yourself.


 Never be afraid to transform your life from the inside out. It will not be easy, it will require discipline, determination, sacrifice and hard work. You however possess those traits simply unleash them, unearth your potential, take the path that will get you real results. No quick fixes, no giving up on yourself and no quitting. You might fall but you will keep getting back up until you achieve the objective. Trust me when I say if I can you can. Join me in the campaign to never quit on yourself or your dreams.

Let's make it happen. There was a time in my life where I drifted onto the wrong path. I lost the way, I looked in the mirror one day and all I could see was a overweight, middle-aged woman that was pre-diabetic, out of shape and in constant pain. By the grace of a loving G-d I came to a realization that it is always to early to give up on yourself. I fought back and I fought hard. When I looked in the mirror all I saw was fluffedstuff but deep inside, BuffedStuff was waiting to explode and make her debut. What is waiting to make a debut in your life? Join with me and release your potential. Never, give up on you.

BuffedStuff © 2013


I awaken this morning an realized I was at yet another crossroad in my life. The place where better than I use to be but not nearly as good as I want to be intersect. The fresh winds of change began to fill my nostrils with renewed hope, unbelievable possibility, and a new perspective. I began to anticipate, no celebrate the tidal wave of opposite that always comes your way when you press in towards destiny.

You either fight for what you want in life until you achieve it, or you back down and wallow in the misery of what could have been. The greatest power in life is the ability to choose and then act upon that choice. Choices made from a negative mindset are going to yield totally different results than a mindset that is positive.

I call it the difference between woe is me or wow is me. So here I stand at the crossroads, washing off the filth of self-imposed limitations, purifying my mind for divine directives, beating the crap out of destructive habits and seeking for effective strategy to conquer external opposition. Fight for it, fight for it, fight for it! Join with me people, you were not designed to sit on the sidelines of life, participate and fight for what you really want before it is to late.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Peace, love and blessings to you all

By Design

By Design

You are strong enough to handle anything that life throws you way, even when you don’t like it. It is so easy to wallow in the pity pool of turmoil when life slaps you upside the head with the unexpected and often unexplained pain. Fear, doubt, heartache and soul break is a toxic concoction that many of us feast upon. This concoction is potent enough to steal our hope, crush our dreams and destroy our peace of mind. The best antidote is a continual intravenous drip of hardcore tenacity. The trials of life don’t have to overthrow you. By design you are strong enough to withstand, and conquer but you have to learn how to endure the raging storms of life. An attitude of defeat will not help you, ungrateful talk will never sustain you and a complaining heart will not revive you.

You must focus on ultimate victory in the battlefield of life as you speak words of power from a heart that is thankful.Remember moments of difficulty and distress are only temporary, it is simply your opportunity to press on through. By design you are strong enough to endure.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Dirty Dancing With Adversity

Adversity is a complex beast that always arrives, to complicate your living this life situation. Don’t freak out, hold steady and get ready to resist the pressure of this painful but sometimes everyday common glitch to life. I like to think of it as dirty dancing with adversity with boxing gloves on. Adversity can range from minor annoyance to full blown category trying to stay alive mayhem. When it comes to reaching your goals, adversity will become a dependable nemesis. Ideal situations,and perfect opportunities are rendered null and void, in the shadow of adversity.

Adversity is going to be a lifelong partner, but you must refuse to allow it to be a dream destroyer. Your role is to become the dominate partner in this relationship with adversity. Don’t bow to the pressure, don’t give up on your plan. You know what you want, and in order to achieve the victory inside and outside of the gym you are going to have to put in the hard work.

Romance the things you can control, never neglect or surrender your power. Refuse to search for an excuse to quit, instead look for a solution that will lead to success. In the bitter flames of adversity, allow your determination, dedication and desire to be forged into a weapon of consistent discipline. Then use that weapon to successfully fight your way into the realm of mission completed victory achieved. Stay the course and do what needs to be done.

Remember adversity is a fact in this thing called life and so is overcoming adversity. Press through, stand strong, be persistent until you arrive at your breakthrough.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2013


Each Day Matters

Each Day Matters

If you want it now, you will have to fight the demons that are holding you back instead of agreeing with them. Do you really believe you are going to have awesome results without going through the process of hard work?

Face it denying ourselves hurts it is painful to change but the truth is it can be deadly to stay the same. The struggle to become your best will never be easy, but you have the ability to achieve great things if you stay focused and learn to master the art of the comeback. Why settle for I wish I could have, when you know that you can.

You can reach your objectives, stop giving up on yourself. Do what you were designed to do ...achieve it!

Tammie-Maria Allen©2013


Bad Boys Total Seduction

Bad Boys: Total Seduction

From the Preaching to myself series

In a world where no one is flawless we all need a good talking to.There are times when we need an in your face reality check.The truth might seem brutal as it slaps the ego and crushes the emotions. The truth when properly utilized can strengthen weakness and assist you in producing the best version of yourself, that is what this series is all about.

Bad Boys: Total Seduction

Sleek, sexy and appealing this bad boy will massage you in comfort, as you wallow on a bed of pleasure. He will tempt you to take it easy, as he seduces you on the satin sheets of contentment as you wallow in the bed of complacency. The satisfaction and pleasure you derive from this experience is only temporal, as your life is thrown into chaotic disorder and continual disillusionment. This bad boy is totally Mr.Wrong and if you remain intimidate with him long enough, he will rob your joy, steal true happiness, and destroy your destiny.This bad boy leaves a trail of broken promises,and broken lives. Yes, I am talking about bad boy number one, laziness.

 Laziness kills, it kills potential, ambition and prosperity. You will never know what you might have been, if laziness controls your life. Yes, this bad boy is a control freak and once he enters your life, he does not want to let go. That is why you must never flirt with laziness. Laziness, demands that you settle for less than, as you put in minimal efforts, expecting maximum results. Laziness is a liar, and he will persuade you to compromise your heart desire, as you settle for whatever is easy, fast and quick.

Number one symptom of laziness controlling your life is this, you have plenty of time for the unimportant things, as the important things in life go unattended.

Refuse to allow this bad boy to have his way with you night after night.His aim is to steal a lifetime of potential and leave you in a cluttered haze of disappointment and missed opportunities. Unchain yourself from this loser bad boy called laziness.There are times when you must forgo pleasure,in order to pursue purpose,disconnect from the phenomenal surge of a lackadaisical moment. It is time to maximize your potential.

What have you lost because of laziness, procrastination, and busyness without purpose? Course correct, and live the life that you were designed for.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2013


The Season Of Now Has Begun

The Season Of Now has Begun

The question I have been asking my self lately is what mental strategy, physical endeavor and spiritual attunement are required to have a successful outcome. The struggle has always been to keep the mission in action. It all about being dedicated

To purpose and withstanding opposition and avoiding the dungeon of despair. You have to diligently work the steps that will take you to the objective. There can be no retreat on the road to destiny. Once you know what you were designed to achieve on this planet you have to go after it with everything you have. The important thing is to never sacrifice your future by being bound by unhealthy ties of yesteryear. Don’t allow the unimportant things of the moment, steal valuable deposits you could be making into your future. Now is the time, go for it.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2013


Talking About Those People

You know em, heck you might even be one of em, even me yours truly might be one. One of those people, the type that vow year after year to lose the weight and get in shape. They buy the gym membership or even worst they clutter their homes with fitness equipment. I am talking about bigger than life treadmills, and exercise bikes and those hideous elliptical machines. Not to mention their horde of exercise dvd’s, diet and exercise books and other I will get in shape this year clutter.

Those people are good at starting but do poorly at follow through. Year after year of great starts and very sad endings. Face it those people seem destined for disappointment even when they hire great personal trainer complete with awesome nutritional plans and accountability buddies.

Those people, usually fail because, there is no informercial that say permanent weight loss begins with mind transformation and that means shattering all the myths about how easy this is going to be. It will be hard, painful and very difficult. There will be times when the only party you will be feeling is the party of pain. Eating for a stellar physique and fantastic health versus eating to please your tastebuds is painful. Getting out of your warm cozy bed to go exercise your body is painful. Going against the flow, of a nation that wants results, but refuses to do the difficult stuff is painful.

As we get ready for a shiny new year, there will be plenty of those people, flooding the gym. They will come in all shapes and sizes vowing to really make it happen. I know you are shaking your head saying oh no, here we go again. I would however encourage you to encourage them, because some of those people are going to get in right in 2013 and make their dreams a reality.

To all of those people don’t you dare give up on yourself. I don’t care if you lost all the weight and gained it back, or if you have never made it happen, 2013 is yours. Rule your desires and change your destiny.

A special note, to my almost there, but never quite people, finish what you started. It is your dream make it a reality.

Work with me people, let’s unleash victorious greatness in 2013.

To all of those people do the world a favor and refuse to give up on yourself. Don’t listen to the negative voices, forgive yourself for the bad choices. Now is time to begin anew.

Tammie-Maria Allen © 2012


Yes, I Am Thankful

Thanks to all those who have supported, encouraged and pushed me forward during this year. You are appreciated, loved and respected. There are no words that can properly describe how I truly feel.Please know that when I say THANK YOU, it is coming from a humbled, grateful and appreciative heart. 

with much respect



If you haven't reached your goals yet, the mission isn't finish. You cannot quit and give in, you know what you want so go for it. Now is a great time to reprogram your mind for victory. A season of disappointment has ended now is the time to win. The end of last seasons defeat can lead to this seasons victory. Go forth and conquer, you can do this thing.

BuffedStuff ©2012

In Search Of A Higher Level

Out of the deep dark pain of stupidity comes an over the top bright idea. The pain of doing stupid stuff, will either propel you to cover up your shortcomings under a carpet of excuses and denial or you embrace reality and start working on a plan to rectify the problem you have caused. I admit I have done both, it took me awhile to admit that I am my own worst enemy and I had better learn to be my very best friend.

I mean once you romance and develop a bad habit, it is simply so easy to continue to feed the demon of destruction versus dealing with it. It isn’t easy to live a structured life, even though the benefits are tremendous. Indulge in the pleasures of now, even though they bring long terms pain is so easy. Easy is not my friend, so I had to start hanging out with hard and difficult. Hard and difficult has been kind to me, it forces me to face the person in the mirror,for real.

Granted it is hard to look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth but then it is harder living a lie. I know the cold hard slap of truth brings freedom and sweet gooey lies bring bondage but hey the truth will never be popular because it attacks the ego.

My ego however needs to be attacked by the hour, heck by the minute. I never stroke that sucker, that is why I only hang with true accountability partners. I have to keep it raw and real and in my face. No excuses just the real truth, if I don’t do the hard work I don’t get the result, period. No poor me stories, no warm fuzzy cocoon to wallow in, no pardon for my bad behavior. I have to get off my butt and make it happen or shut my face. My obstacles are simply opportunities to discover viable options and make it happen despite the odds.

So, I embrace the truth about myself, strive to become better, and stay in hot pursuit of the goal, after all I am a woman on a mission and I am never satisfied until I can say mission complete. In search of a higher standard. Refuse to be satisfied with anything but your best.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


In your Face Reality

 Keep the goal, in your face 24/7. Dream about it, work toward it, think on it. Write down that one thing you must achieve and then keep it in your face until it becomes a reality. We all have powerful potential. Now is a great time to use it.

A season of change has begun, a time for conquering the demons that would keep you from fufilling your destiny. Slay the beast of contentment, now is your time to soar. Freedom from the bondage of stagnation, allow the freshness of change to engulf you. Now is the time. 

Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


Time to stop playing games. Yes, your future is just that important. Time to get real with it and do those hard things, that need to be done so that you can enjoy the rewards of a bright and fulfilling future. You have everything you need to accomplish this mission, now is the time to make it happen. Not tomorrow now, so lets go.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


Be Realistic

Be Realistic, two words that can stymie hope, crush dreams, and kill ambition. World changers have always been ordinary people, who refused to be realistic. They would not stay in the box called normal, average or barely getting by. They are willing to invest in their dream and keep failing until they get it right. This world would have no great inventions if everyone thought realistically. People who think realistically will never ever meet their full potential. I mean after all why even try something when you have been told it isn't realistic?

There are plenty of times when I have had the right motive and used the wrong method. It was not a sign to the universe that I needed to be

realistic and not try. It simply meant I had to discover the right method to match my right motive. There is a quote from the bible that says all things are possible to those that believe.(Mark 9:23)

I am just crazy enough to believe in my dreams, ridiculous enough to invest in my hopes, and stubborn enough to not let go, until they becomes a reality. Granted this often comes with lots of struggle, some measure of discipline and the price of sacrifice. It isn't that most things aren't realistic they are simply real hard.

Do the really hard stuff and you might just achieve more than what is realistically possible.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


It's Yours

Don't lose the joy of anticipation, keep working hard and your exclusive definition of success will be fulfilled. Refresh, renew and restore your passion and continue to press forward. It is yours don't stop short of the goal. You will achieve this thing, don't quit now.

 Tammie-Maria Allen©2012



You are not responsible of how people feel about you.

You are not responsible of

what people think about you.

You are not responsible of what people say about you.

You are responsible of what you feel about yourself.

You are responsible for how you think about yourself.

and you are responsible for what you say about yourself.

Take responsibility and unleash the very best version of yourself.

You have the power to be your very best, no matter what anyone else may say.


BuffedStuff:It’s An Attitude

Get Busy With It

 Never set limits on yourself, raise the standard push the limitless button and watch your potential explode.

 Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


Drift Not!

My daily deeds, determine either the destruction or the development of my dreams. Diligent determination versus or dilly-dally. The daily decision determines my destiny. It is all about doing what you were designed to do or distracting yourself and drifting through life. If you are drifting today is an awful nice day to stop the drift and change your destiny. 

 Tammie-Maria Allen©


Learning From The Professionals

Learning From The Professionals

Adversity taught me to be strong, he threw, heartache, pain and suffering my way and dare me to endure. I have endured.

Failure, taught me to never quit. He exposed my mistakes, pushed me down when I was about to win, sucker punched me with humiliation and bribed me to quit. I haven’t quit.

Sacrifice, taught me to dig deeper and give it my best. She exposed the destructive pathway of instant gratification and quick fixes. She taught me to pay the price because that one moment of foolish pleasure can turn to a lifetime of ongoing pain. I continue to work to give it my best.

Obsession, taught me the power of focus. He has a one track mind and he know that a little of this and a little of that equals a whole lot of nothing. You must fall in love with that one thing and then pour passion into it.

The experts, gurus, mystics and sages taught me to never surrender my brain to group think but think for yourself. Make your own decisions, learn from your own mistakes, savor your own victories. Being like everyone else when you were designed to be different is a living death trap, a shallow existence. Why go through the motions of life when you were designed to live.

Hope, taught me to cling to my desires when the way was dark, and support did not existent. She instructed me in the fine art of navigating around depression when my emotional light had grown dim and my patience had greatly diminished. She showed me where to find strength when my soul was wrestling with doubt and my entire being was threaten with the caustic spew of despair.

Faith, has always been my friend, and he taught me how to stay in the game, to work hard to win. When the harsh realities of life would double team me and shout that my goal could never be fulfilled. It was Faith that showed me the vision over and over again. Faith breathed into me new life and taught me the true power that is available, when I fight hard for what I truly believe.

Parents, teachers, preachers, and thugs taught me that there are plenty of clueless people who are afraid of living there own life and they are more than willing to take control and rule your life.

Peers, coworkers, and so called friends taught me to break away from the pack, run my own race, and demolish the bondage of what others might think or say.

Prayer taught me that there is a lover of my soul and there is an enemy as well. Prayer taught me that I was born for a purpose, created for a reason, and I only have a limited time to fulfill my life missions.

Love is and continues to be the greatest teacher of all. Love taught me that to be truly fulfilled it must come from within. It is about celebrating all that you are on the road to becoming all that you can be.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


Hell No!

Hell unleashed is a flaming inferno specifically designed to assassinate your vision, stymie you progression and cause you to go down in defeat. The hounds of hell are

Vicious little suckers that enjoy the intimidation factor, they snarl at your determination

And attack all signs of advancement on your part. The flaming blast of failure, the fiery waves of rejection, the scorching winds of trouble and the full-throttle blow-torch effect of lack of support and validation is enough to make you want to raise the white flag of surrender or fight harder than ever before, to make your dream a reality.

I refuse to go down in flames and so do you. That is why it is a wonderful good time

To say

Hell no, to all things that threaten to choke out your hope.

Hell no, I will not quit

Hell no, I will not back down

Hell no, I will not wait until a later day. Now is my time.

Hell no, I will not allow my mind to dwell on the negative.

Hell no, I will not be ruled by fear but I will fight with my faith.

Hell no, I will not give up.

Hell yeah, I’m gonna win.

I really enjoy that hell yeah I am going to win part. We are winners. Now don’t you dare give up on your dream, the struggle is simply part of the process.

Victory belongs to you, don’t deny yourself the honor of not seeing your goal to completion. Live for the vision and if you are a person of faith live for the one who gave you the vision. Conquer and win. Hell yeah.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


Win The Battle

When good enough meets becoming better, it is a marriage of awesome possibilities. Improving our weaknesses, honing our strengths. Living on purpose with goals and intent instead of coasting through each day is a battle worth fighting.


The Only Viable Option

Pushing past the obstacles to become a better version of myself is never easy. There is a huge chasm between who I am and who I am becoming. My mission is to cross the chasm, toss aside the errors and victories of the past and embrace the fullness of what is to be. Within the core of the package lies victory, all triumphant and dazzling with the glow of accomplishment. The outer layer however is covered with struggle and conflict, various bitter foes with which I must contend.

Inner chaos can cause self-defeat and then there are those external factors with which I must contend. My inner desire pushes me to fight for what I am capable and then a little more. My inner conflict, the part that wants to sit on the sidelines tempts me with the short lived pleasure of minimum effort. I refuse to take the path of less than even though my flesh would enjoy the relief. In order to see what I am capable of, I must press on, pass my failures, pass the obstacles, pass the parade of haters, pass the cheers of well wishers, pass my uncertainties.

My faith is a reality that I alone can see, the only thing that matters is if I believe in me.

My goal is not to stop until I achieve victory, all setbacks are temporary and the same goes for defeat, life might kick me around but I refuse to be beat. The moment of conception a war from within the womb began, I was created for a reason, there really is a plan. A plan to live a vibrant life doing exactly what I was designed to do. All schemes, devices and forms of sabotage that were designed to destroy my plan, demolish my potential, or deny me victory upon my quest must be eliminated.

Victory awaits to be taken. Take It!



Off Pause Mode

Demolishing destructive thinking patterns is tough, but it must be done in order to maximize your physique transformation.

 You have to know that you can, no matter what your present condition look likes. You have to believe in you, use past failures as learning experiences, never as excuses. Don't wait for other to affirm, encourage or applaud you, the only opinion that matters is yours. You must support your vision 100%, in the face of adversity and in the deception of applause. Don't allow anyone to convince you that you cannot.

Simply know in your heart that you can and move forward. Don't waste a second trying to convince others of your goal. This time it is all about you. Refuse to back down, give up, or quit, you have to push through. It will not be easy, it will not be quick, and there will never be a perfect time, only now, this moment.Don't keep your dream on pause, get busy being all that you were designed to be.


Capture It

The triple digit sizzle of of summer is upon me, now is always a good time to a add a little more spice to my training routine.

This is not a good time to sit on the sidelines and wish away the moment of opportunity.

The best version of who I can be is about to explode and I don't want to miss the party. Be the best you possible, take control and speak words of power, confidence and victory over yourself.

You were born to win, accomplish and achieve, don't be discouraged falling down goes with the territory, and so does getting back up and doing that thing that you must do, keep on trying until you conquer it ! The awesomeness of all you can be is right around the corner, capture it!


Own It!

Learn from the mistakes, refuse to wallow in defeat, arise determined and claim victory. Own your life assume 100% responsibility, refuse to be held back. Celebrate You!

Gimme A Hug

Gimme A Hug

I know there are days when you simply think you cannot do it.

Maybe you think you are not good enough but you are

Maybe you think you are not smart enough but you are

Maybe you just feel like giving up the fight because you don’t

think you will ever win, but you shall.

Your circumstance might seem dark, your condition might be

bleak. Your hope factor might be down to zero

but don’t you quit, encourage yourself and get back in this

race. Banish the fear of cannot.

I just came to tell you that you can.

You Can!


This Must Be Said And Believed!

I’m going on a full blitz saturation campaign, with one message stop chasing other people dreams, stop trying to become something you are not, relax, love the beautiful skin that is exclusively yours, stop focusing on what is wrong with you, celebrate what is right. Stop, stop, loathing your body, accept it, protect it, fall in love with you and then share that love with the world.

Accept the challenge speak nothing negative about yourself, improvement should be mandatory, condemnation totally unacceptable. Stop sharing your hopes, dreams and ambitions with naysayers. Follow the light of truth in your heart that says you can. Start protecting your best interest, start making your own decisions, you don’t need any expert to think for you. It is your life, your season to enjoy, your time to really live.

Live well.


No It Isn't Easy

Wow, today is an mighty awesome day to stop the up down, yo-yo effect,

I'm back again syndrome. You get all excited about a new training program,

new dietary protocols, then everyday reality sets in, and you quit. The you start looking

for the next feel good thing. Yes, the thought is so much easier, than

everyday this is going to hurt action.

You have to push through and keep focusing on what you really want.

utilize some discipline, stop agreeing with the stuff that destroys your


You are tough enough, strong enough and wise enough to discover what works for you and then

do it until the results you desire, materialize.

You are a powerful force to be reckoned with, now go forth and do your stuff like no other.

You are the blessing.


No Time To Waste

Accelerate, stay focused on that one thing, get productive and make it happen. Now!


Destroy It Or It Will Destroy You

Inside each of us lives a two year old who stomps their feet, and demands to have their own way. The problem is that if we cave into our two year old beast their is a price to be extracted. Pampering the tantrum, reinforces the hardening of the resolve and the demand to do whatever we want intensifies. Repeating negative habits, while expecting positive results is futility in motion. Life will eventually present you with the sum total of your actions in a package known as consequences.

Consequences, are woven into the fabric of life they may be good or bad but they are real. Attacks of temptation, waves of seduction and a constant bombardment of unhealthy choices are sent your way each day. The battlefield of life is real you

Have only one two choices. Destroy those negative habits or allow them to eventually destroy you!



The voice from within screams

Don't you give up on yourself.

Listen to it!


Battle Weary Rejuvenation

Yes, the journey is hard, the mission has produced some casualties.The war against all things that hamper your destiny has taken a toll. I know you are battle weary and there are moments like this when you just want to quit.You cannot retreat, or surrender this is not the time to quit. You have an inner strength and stronger resolve than you know time to rejuvenate and refresh yourself from within and then press on. Don't you give up on yourself.



Let’s make it official, my butt has been thoroughly kicked! Because I have been singed by the flames of Hell, it will only be fair for me to experience seventh heaven action. Yes, I understand that this thing called life, could care less about fairness but if you grab life by the throat and apply enough pressure, it will cough up the good stuff. Yes, I am in mode violent, envision my minuscule but tough frame placing Life in a choke hold demanding that it surrender the rewards for all of my hard work.

Yes, it is time to experience the wonderland of paradise right here on earth. Sooner or later, life will make certain that you reside with the choices that you make. So I am choosing the things that will bring me totally satisfaction later, even though right now I have to work hard, sacrifice much, and pray even more.

Life can be a wild, scary, wondrous, adventurous and beautiful ride, hang on tight because you never know what to expect next, but it might just be the breakthrough you need.


It's Hard

Sacrifice is painful, it takes away the pleasure of now for the benefits of tomorrow. Don't give up, continue to deal with the harsh realities of today so you can experience satisfaction in the future. You are worth it , your dream is worth it. Refuse to let go of the vision.


Word Up!

The greatness within you never dies, so why suppress it. You were designed to do awesome things and now is a great time to get started.


Memo: Aka Preaching To The Choir

To whomever it may concern .....Get Off Your Butt! Stop making excuses, stop looking for a easy way out, stop wishing your way through life. Talk is not action, a freaking vision board without concrete action is not going to get you anywhere. Stop confusing a pity pot partner with an accountability partner. A pity pot partner is the one who soothes you when you fail to get it done. They rub your hand. listen to your whine and offer you loads of sympathy. The results are well you become weaker with each passing year. You keep going round in a circle never achieving your desired objective. Lot's of warm fuzzies to soothe your conscience.

A faithful and true accountability partner will call you out holding you accountable to what you said. They will demand integrity but they will cheer you on through the struggle. They expect you to do the work so that you can get the results. Isn't that what you want? Isn't it better to say I am not willing to put in the hard work to reach a goal , than to pretend to want it but never do the work required to achieve it?

LIfe is short live the vision, you have the power to make anything you really want a reality or not!



You were designed by your Creator to win, however that doesn't mean you will not face challenging obstacles, difficult situations and painful realities. It simply means you have to fight for it , move onward, continue until you achieve the vision. So stop listening to foolish counsel, and follow the wisdom that is beginning to flow from your heart. You were designed to win, so triumph over past failures by moving into future victory.



Powerful potential, wrapped in a coat of doubt and insecurity. Now is the perfect time to strip away the coat unleash your power.

Top Dog!

Take control, it's your life, you own you.

Demand It!

Expect the best from yourself.

Don't accept lesser than when you know you were designed for sheer greatness. Demand the best from yourself then work hard and deliver. You can achieve awesome things, I know you can,now prove me right.!

Awesome success can come from failure, if you simply refuse to quit!


Ride The Waves

If you have been swimming in a sea of negative energy, now is an excellent time to dry off with a towel of positive power. Then get back in the zone and ride the waves of becoming a successful version of yourself.


Pain isn't only a physical thing. The pain of implementing a new routine, the discipline to follow through the motivation to stay the course and not quit is painful. Many of us will revert back to our old behaviors several times before embracing the new. The pain of become better hurts. 

Do Ya

Do you feel like quitting? Don't!


Release the power,

Release the hope,

Release the faith,

Release the potential

The season of true metamorphic change has begun



You enter the realm of endless possibilities the moment you start believing in yourself.

Dietary Plan

If you are aiming for excellence, your dietary plan requires that you remain hunger for success. Now is not a time to become satisfied with less that what you desire. Go for your own personal win.


Crucify the dragon, before he crucifies you. Master the beast or be mastered. The goal is total victory, the ability to conquer is yours.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2012


Master The Beast

Master the beast, heck we all have things that strive to conquer us. I have seen a bowl of pudding break the resolve of a grown man and the sparkle of wine imprison the once strong and powerful. Each of us have a dragon to slay and a beast to master.

My beast was once my pet, I loved the little sucker, I feed him gave him whatever he demanded and he stole my health, devastated my body, crippled my hope and smashed my dreams. I allowed him to rule because I didn't want to deal with the pain of saying no. My beast kicked me around so much until I decided to fight.

Now I am the beast master, I am in control but yet he waits in the corner snarling looking for the opportune moment to devour my soul.

My goal is to remain vigilant, because if I drop my guard he will attack, take control, placing me back in bondage,

Demanding that I serve as his slave.

What Beast are you keeping under control?

Master the beast is devoted to every person in the family of mankind who understand that each coin has a head, tail and thin middle. We either devoted to controlling our own lives or we allow temptations to become thoughts fulfilled or deed rendered as done. Once we yield, the negative force of nature, splashes upon us with tidal wave force, and with each pounding our resolve grows weaker; until the things that cause us harm, grief and stagnation become the normal. This destructive force can be seen by the glutton that can't stop eating, the gambler who loses everything, and yet continues to roll the dice. The beast controls the drug addict who is afraid of losing his soul, and the greedy who will do anything for the temporary fulfillment of gold. The beast tramples out love and normal desires are fueled by tainted lust. No one is immune from the beast, he comes in various forms and no matter how sweet the lies if you refuse to master your beast it will only cause you harm.

Tammie-Maria Allen ©2012


Appreciation Day

This process is never easy, some days are better than others but the main goal is always to say the course. You have to appreciate the things you get right, while working to eliminate those fatal flaws to success. Today we focus on what we are doing right and continue to improve. Appreciate yourself

Shift When Necessary!

Are your thought patterns stuck in the gear of defeat and negative energy? If so I thing today would be a great day to ....

Shift your mindset into greatness mode, you have awesome potential utilize it ....TODAY!


Continue to unleash the best version of yourself remember this is a progressive venture. This is still your year to shine and the best that you can be is in the progress of becoming.

Prepare For Endurance

The road to unlimited possibilities is filled with traps, snares, delays an a assortment of detours. It is a place where easy is reserved for early morning infomericals and lazy encapsulated thinking. You must utilize your stamina and prepare to endure the harsh realities and persist past the pain of being outside the zone of comfort. 


Pay the price, earn the prize, do what needs to be done daily. Giving it your all is never going to be easy only doable. 

Taking A Stand

It is all about doing what you need to do to achieve the goals that you desire. Take a stand for your values don't wavier. Only you can determine how

Be About It

Be patient: worthy dreams don't come easy.

Be determined: Hard work and intense effort is required

Be focused: You can have only one top priority, keep your goal in number one position.

Be truthful: If you honestly don't want to spend the time and energy in an endeavor, refuse to half step it. Discover what you are passionate about and give it your best.

Be you: Don't miss having a beautiful life by fulfilling the expectation of someone else. One life, one opportunity, be authentically you. 

Stop It Already

There comes a time when you have to stop lying to yourself. Stop believing that you don't have the potential or the ability to achieve the dream that was placed in your soul. You must accept the truth, you really do have the ability to make your dreams a reality. Now work hard, to make it happen, because you can do it. If you refuse to do it then it will never get done. There is no more time to waste this is the season of making it happen. 


Remember life if a sweet and sour concoction. Sure there will be days when you will be slapped in the face and blindsided by the bad stuff. There will also be times when you are hugged and comforted by incredible joy. Learning to move forward in times of angst and times of celebration that is a key to ultimate victory.

Make It happen!

Refuse to give up, promise yourself you will not give in, stay the course don't quit!

What Will You Focus On Today?

Neatly tucked within the obstacle is a solution. A negative situation can be dissolved with a positive approach. Focus on the pain and relive the hurt. Focus on the positive and see the unlimited possibilities.


Are You allowing your emotions to control your actions in a negative manner. It is possible to act positive even in a negative situation. Harness your power and use your energy wisely. 


Are you focused on the dream or distracted by other things?


Who will fight for you dream if you will not? Own the vision, embrace your destiny, live the dream.


One Thing Or The Other...

Our Daily actions establishes a foundation for our future triumphs or future defeats may we choose wisely.

Troubles, Temptations & Trials ...Oh Yes

 Trouble happens get used to it, stand firm in it and conquer over it. So when you are tempted to turn around and say forget it, refuse to yield to that temptation continue to move forward into destiny. You can win this this thing don’t quit now.

I Am A Failure

I Am A Failure

I am a failure I freely admit

No matter what life throws

at me I will not quit.

I fail

to give up on my hopes and

my dreams. I fail to flee

in the face of adversity.

I fail to allow circumstances

to control me. I am going

to keep fighting until

my hopes become tangible


 So when you think

I am done, it is over and I am

through and you see me

buried under a mound

labeled defeat.

Don't be shocked or

even surprised

that from the bottom

of defeat I refused to be beat

I will fight my way back

to victory because I am

a failure and this failure just will not quit.


Now Really Is The Time!

The Beauty of all you can be and the art of transformation, begins in your mind and is nourished from your soul as you pour out your heart. Focus on what will take you where you want to go, and nothing else. Time to make a solid commitment.

Every Day

Wrapped in an unfailing love, cloaked in power and filled with determination. What a beautiful way to start the day. Fuel your mind on the positive and then walk/work in that direction daily. 

The Victory

The battle is all about coming against those things that hinder your progress. Fight to be win. A battle won is a time to celebrate the victory.

The Battle

Fight for what you want, never quit and don't give up. I told you this would not be easy. 

Not Now

Now is not the time to grow weary, we have a job to do let's do it!


The moments of life are truly undeserved, existence to me means purpose. Purpose must be united with determination, and passion in order to fulfill destiny. Destiny should never be denied and life should never be taken for granted. Be thankful for the now moments. 

Written Directly To You

Written directly to you

Your hour of defeat is now over, resist everything that comes against you and win.

Your moment of fear is diminished, have confidence in the faith that is place in your soul, grow strong in your spirit and be bold.

Your minutes of uncertainty have vanished, the confused has cleared, now follow the path that was designed specifically for you.

Your day of doubting your worth, questioning your value, and feel unloved is over. You are now free to embrace the beauty of each second that you breathe, each flutter of your heart and the flow of life through the blood.

 Your past faults are forgiven, buried in time never to be resurrected. Your future awaits like a beautiful sunset, preparing to arise. Your here and now is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your soul, share kindness and love, relish in a stream of gratitude and prepare yourself to be victorious on this journey of life.

Your season of being all that you were designed to be starts now! Embrace it, don’t forsake it.

You already know I am going to say you are valuable, worthy of love and a precious child of the universe. I however never tire of repeating the truth and that is why this was written directly to you.


The Spotlight

Shine the spotlight on your goals,showcase your dreams and highlight your ambitions then work like a skilled artist to make your masterpiece a reality. 

Don't Delay

Whatever the goal, whatever the vision, whatever the dream, don't delay do it today. This is a now moment, kind of season.There is no need to stay stuck on the grindstone of life. The leading in your heart is beckoning you to follow. Don't delay do it today, allow that thought to echo through your mind and take action, you are not getting any younger and now is the time. 

I Can!

War cry of today is I CAN Envision your goals, refresh your hope, and work towards the dream.

? Of The Day

What would life look like if you controlled your emotions, instead of allowing your emotions to control you?

Downright Nasty!

Nasty, dirty, low down, good for nothing thinking, will not put your mind in the winners zone. A strong mental edge is required to reach all productive goals, this is especially true when we strive to obtain a stellar physique transformation. The fitness trinity is all about positive mindset, proper nutrition and progressive training, an unholy alliance with negative thinking, unplanned nutrition and inconsistent training will never produce maximized results.

Bad habits are mental stronghold that arouse strong desires. Succumbing to those strong desires delivers temporary pleasure, but long term pain. Shattering the mental stronghold, uncovering the lies, overdosing on the truth is the only effective weapon against the seductive allure of detrimental habits.

Refuse to submit to any rotten filthy lie that proclaims you are not good enough, you will always fail, you are not strong enough, you don’t deserve it.

Today is an awful good day to stop the vicious cycle of starting strong, giving up and then quitting, only to start strong, give up and quit. Now is the time to get started, press through and don’t stop until you achieve the goal. You are the only one who can make your dream a reality, encourage yourself and do what you were designed to do.

You are powerful embrace it!

Think About It

Negative thoughts, words and actions can hold you in a deep dark bondage. Feast on the delicious light of possibility and experience the positive. You and your thoughts eventually become one. 

Not To Fear

Banish your fears, be courageous and walk out your faith.

Daily Reminder

Appreciate yourself, give thanks for all the blessings, and love other.


 Tenacity screams...

You cannot back down, you must move forward. Perseverance and Persistence are your greatest allies!


It is all about overcoming snares, traps, destructive detours and anything else that would keep you from successfully accomplishing your mission. Overcome!


Stay focused totally on doing that" one" thing with all your ability. Stay consumed with passion and dedicated to the cause.

Open Letter

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you guys and gals realize how valuable and beautiful you truly are.

I know sometimes when you are on a weight loss, blast the fat, bring back sexy, releasing your inner stud, or slipping into that teeny tiny bikini mission you can often lose focus. Yes, you lose focus of what is

You are not your body, you are so much more than that. Today is an awesome day to fall in love with one of the most important people on the planet....YOU

Okay people I pray that we all have a wonderful weekend and I just have one favor to ask all of you.

Yes it is one of my pretty please moments. Do me a favor and really speak positive words over yourself, start loving you, and continue or begin the healing process that will make you whole.

I wish you peace, I pray that you feel loved, and I hope you enjoy the simply moments of life.


No Stopping Now

Release the power from within, overcome during time of adversity, finish the process that started. Let go of those habits that keep you from going to the next level. Develop the no stopping me attitude.

The Power Within

The chaotic turmoil that surrounds you, is no match for the power that lies within you. You have the ability to survive, withstand, endure and conquer. 


This is a month of restoration and week to give it our best and then expect awesome results. I wish everyone the best

Prove It

Prove the critics wrong,stand firm endure and persevere.

Not Allow

 There will be

No quitting

No pity parties

No negative actions


The power to advance, overcome and triumph is an inside job. Remain faithful to the process


It is not about what I could have achieved

It is not about what I will achieve

It is all about what I am in the process of achieving

Question of the moment what am I doing right now, that will insure future success.

The destiny is made manifest one decision, one action, one moment at a time.

run towards your goal not away from it!

It's A Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call now is the time

Fire, drive and determination is something that can be lost it is also something that can be reignited. Reignite the fire, regain your focus get pumped up with determination and drive your way into victory.


Time Sensitive

Life is time sensitive it has an expiration date and so do opportunities. What opportunities are you willing to allow to expire?

Another Friendly Reminder

Remember those resolutions, you made back in January? Well in case you have forgotten time to brush them off and get back into the game. This is the year of follow through, now let's march into victory. 

Continue to ...

Continue to affirm yourself, you are of great value. Continue to pick yourself up when you fall down. Continue to march onward, even when during those hard and dreary time. Continue to utilize your personal power as you develop the best version of yourself.

Continue on 

Face Reality

Face this reality, you can do it, let go of all those old insecurities that are holding you back.

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Let go of the burden of yesterdays defeats embrace the fresh possibilities of now!



If you thought you would reach your goal, accomplish the mission and celebrate the victory without any opposition, now is the time to rethink the entire thing because all great plans come with built in opposition. The desire to quit will become strong, your determination to finish must be stronger. Opposition happens, refuse to back down, hang on victory is right around the corner.

Don’t give in to the pressure!

 BuffedStuff © 2012

Standing On The Ground When You Were Meant To Fly

Standing On The Ground When You Were Meant To Fly

The dream within in your heart is trying to awaken you. There is greatness within your soul that is being held captive because you conform and do as you are told. You are bound in chains desiring the approval of everyone else except yourself. You medicate yourself with parties of pity because you are afraid to unleash your own power.

The gnawing sting of discontent tugs at your soul, you know you can’t stay the same but true change requires you to become bold.

Why are you standing on the ground when you were meant to fly?

Fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, fear of rejection, or afraid of ridicule perhaps?

Shouldn’t you really be afraid of not living your own life? Doesn’t the thought of leaving this planet without ever knowing who you are arouse a hint of curiosity?

We are all flawed bits of humanity but from those flaws things of beauty can be created.

We strive for perfection, become stymied my rejection, we underestimate our self worth

And over inflate our accomplishment. We get it right and then we turn around and stumble and get it all wrong again. We complicate the simple and simplify the complicated. We cling to the womb of comfort, afraid of the unknown. Yet it is the unknown that challenges us to sprout wings of freedom.

Having a successful flight once your wings have sprouted takes time, but oh the height to which you will soar are limitless!



Every day you have to get up, get your mind in the game and fight for what you really want!

Luv it

Luv it, love yourself, love your dreams and then fight like heck to protect what you love!


 Reminder to myself:

Stay on course don't get diverted...all or nothing, going the distance or not, this is not the time to half step, that was so last season, if you want victory, you had better give it your best!


Awesome Possibilities Or Guaranteed Status Quo

If you quit, we all know what the results will be. If you stay the course and dare to dream big, awesome possibilities await, you never know how great things are going to be. It might even surpass your greatest expectations.


This month is all about being victorious, penetrating the obstacles, shattering negative thinking and eliminating mental strongholds. It is all about being victorious over self. Now is not the time to wait for anyone significant in your life to change before you take control of your life. Stop allowing people who don't feel your pain, to be a negative influence in your life.

Maybe it doesn't bother your best friend, that you are overweight, unhealthy and lacking energy. They don't have to live in your skin. Maybe everyone around you seems to thrive on junk food while you seem to gain weight simply by looking at those same decadent morsels. Stopping indulging in things that are bring you pain.

Stop resistant temptation and start resisting torment, stop tormenting yourself by wondering what you could be and give it your all to allow the real you to emerge.

Sure you will battle with yourself, but you can win, you can become victorious. Don't give up on yourself , yesterday is old news. Today we press forward to victory, let's do it!

BuffedStuff © 2012

One Down

 Put it in gear, there is no time to waste, one month down only 11 to go. We have to utilize some part of each day to move us closer to our goals. Let’s do this thing!

In Search Of...Maximized Potential

In search of maximized potential, We can all become better than we use to be. Today is an excellent day to dig deeper, and release untapped potential. Make yourself proud you have the power...use it! 

Romancing the Process

The Journey will be painful at times, there will difficulties and hardships. You must remain consistent until the process becomes a part of you. In time you will willingly embrace the process. Today it might be unpleasant and unappealing to go workout and eat the healthy stuff. If you however stick with it the time you will begin to enjoy what you presently struggle with . You will crave eating healthy and working out will become a part of what makes you tick.

So focus on what you want and take daily action to make it happen, romance the process. 


Why Is It You Are Always The Last One To Know?

Why is it that you are always the last one to know that you are











You are Champion and this is your winning season give life your best!


Hey You

Hey, You

Listen up, it is imperative that you continue to believe in yourself even if no one else does. 

Be Yourself

Make this moment your own, you are precious exquisite a rare an awesome thing of value in this expansive family of mankind. Own it be distinctively you!

A Time Of Victory!

Your time of victory is approaching grasp it!

Easy Results!

If you want it you are going to have to earn it and that is never going to be easy. The good news is you are strong enough, smart enough and intelligent enough to make it happen. It is going to take time, patience and continual effort, there are no easy long term results. 

Failed Attempts!

I don't care if you have failed a million times, I really don't care if you fail a million more...and neither should you. The name of this game is about reaching your goal and you can't walk away and give up until you achieve that goal. When I fail, I am not failure I am simply a woman on a mission that will keep on until I discover what does work. Not one of my failed attempts has been in vain. I learn from them and grow. So hold your head up, get up and use those failed attempts as stepping stone towards victory! 


Endurance, is what is needed to past through the pain of change. The journey will not always be easy, comfortable and fun. Endure the hard stuff so you can partake of the good stuff...endure! You have awesome potential, maximize it !

Time For A Change

Our habits, make define and mold us. They can be constructive or destructive. Habits can keep us chained or propel us to victory. Now is a fantastic time to start replacing negative habits by implementing brand you ones.

The Decision Is Yours

How long will you pursue your new years resolution? until your motivation fades or until they become a reality? Three weeks from today will you have quit or will you be going strong despite the obstacles? 365 day from now where will you be in terms of obtaining your goals? Will the testimony of your life be a list of excuses of why you did not or will it be a list of accomplishments despite the obstacles?

whatever you decide is what you will receive, may we all choose well. 

Rock It

What are you going to do with this year? Use it wisely or not? The choice is yours and so to will be the results. Unlimited potential awaits you so why not enjoy the ride, as you become better than you use to be. 2012 is your time to shine brightly, if you dare take the challenge. Sure you will experience some road bumps but wow the rewards will be phenomenal. Let's rock 2012 and make it our best year ever. 

Moving Forward Or Not

Stop repeating past mistakes unless you want them to be part of your future. 

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and may your share love and kindness everywhere you go and count your blessings.

Can't You Feel It?

Have you ever felt like there has to be more than this? I believe we were born for so much more than to simply exist, now is the perfect time to surrender to your authentic purpose and live!

2 For 1 Special ...It's A Challenge

For an extended period, I'm asking you to partake of the 2 for 1 challenge. For each negative word that you speak over your life and the lives of other, state two positive words. For each excuse you use to keep you from advancing forward find to viable solutions. You have to become different if you want different results and that all starts with the way our thoughts are formulated 

It's Coming

Transitions are uncomfortable, trials are painful but triumph is always sweet. Stay focused on the vision, press through the difficulties and cling to the goal, victory is coming.

Purpose, Power & Position

 Adversity has always been my greatest friend, because I wasn’t born with a silver platter.

I was raised to go for the gold. Born in the realm of upheaval, raised in the fires of affliction, honing my skills in the tides of injustice, yet favored by G-d .

Misunderstood by many but blessed by the only One that counts...I’m wielding positive personal power in my never ending pursuit of excellence!


Taking It By Force

You got dreams, you have goals ....well there comes a time in life when you have to take it by Force!

You might have to force yourself to get to the Gym and train. Take It By Force!

You might have to force yourself to eat life sustaining, fuel packed foods. Take It By Force!

You might have to force yourself to get adequate rest and sleep.. Take It By Force!

You might have to force yourself to find solutions instead of dwelling on excuses...Take It By Force!

You might have to force yourself to be a positive change instead of a everyday stagnation...Take it By Force!

You might even have to force yourself to end negative relationships and toxic associations....Take it By force!

Be aggressive, assert yourself, grow strong and release the best version on yourself.

Don't allow the circumstances of life to control you, defeat and doubt has a magnetic grip that will choke and confine you. It will keep you living beneath your best, it will seduce you into a mediocre existence blinding you to the reality that you can do better. Instead of superior results you settle for easy compliance and when you realize what you have done most of your precious time on this planet has been spent. If you have been seduced now is the time to escape, run away from the rituals of boredom that have ensnared you. Stop wasting your energy trying to get those around you to conform to standards that you yourself have not meet. If you want to lose the weight, stop waiting for your family and friends to change. You be the change, you be the example, actions are living testimonies. You must take your thoughts, your actions and send them in hot pursuit of your dreams.


Thankful Or Not?

A thankful heart filled with gratitude will serve you better than a bitter heart filled with strife and complaining.

Be Joyful

You don't have to allow the mistakes of your past, overshadow the brilliance of your future.Your chance at redemption begins now...embrace it!

Please Fail

Fail to quit and you will arrive at the winner circle. The place where dreams become a reality.

Speak Truth Over Life

Repeat after me;






 BuffedStuff © 2011

Your Are Masterpiece!

You are the masterpiece, a rare and exquisite design, what inner turmoil is holding you back for allowing your brightness to shine?

Do you somehow feel unworthy? Then start believing in your worth, you were design for an awesome purpose. It is your reason for being on this earth. Never waste your time getting lost in someone elses dream you will only end up disillusion and hurt.

Are you afraid of failure? Fear is a robber of joy and the thief of destiny. Of course you will fall, whoever told you otherwise was misinformed. It is all a part of learning, growing and development, and that is why you were born with the ability to get back up.

Do you long for the approval of the masses? Then you have to let that go. Conforming to the current popular trends hold you in a box and it will stymie you from becoming your best. Your true friends love you for who you are authentically, all relationships based on anyone pretending to be someone they are not is fraud of the soul, deception of the mind, and one of the worst forms of human bondage.

Are you obsessed with your body and judge your worth by the weight on the scale? Now is time to truly love the skin you are in and stop rejecting yourself. You are a valuable soul, housed in a body. Nuture your soul and take care of your body.

Maybe you were picked on, laughed at and made to feel you were less than but believe me the critics were wrong. Treasure these words in your heart, realize that the are true.

You are an awesome masterpiece and G-d isn't finished with you.

BuffedStuff © 2011

This is dedicated to all the people who are afraid to say and believe "I am a masterpiece"

We are all great works of art, living art, our worth is beyond measure. A very high price was pay for all of us to live the life we were designed for. Daily we can choose or reject our calling, our purpose and our mission. We don't all have the same purpose but that does not diminish our value. We hamper our progression when we try to be something we are not. Trying to fit who you are authentically into someone else's lifestyle will not work. Soar and be the person you were created to be. You are a masterpiece.

Game Plan

Focusing on what matters, tuning out the distractions, clinging to the faith and staying true to the mission that is my daily game plan. What is your game plan?

Push Through Refuse To Quit.

Remember how excited you were when you started transformation journey? Hmm, okay so what happen to the spark in your eye, the determination in your action the devotion that flowed from your heart? You want stellar results but you no longer want to go through the rigors of training. Yes, it happens the honeymoon ends, the toddler becomes a teenager, and your dedication will fizzle. Okay you can chase the next new thing and keep repeating and endless cycle, or you can hang tough, stand strong, rock steady and finish what you started. Come remember what you want and then go for it. 

 BuffedStuff © 2011

Quick Recovery!

Okay, you fell of the program, you screwed up, you missed the mark. Hey take a deep breath and regroup. It happens. Now before you start moaning about total defeat or starting at a later date regroup now! Jump back into the game, right now. Don't allow one failed moment to become a failed day or month. Forgive yourself, learn from your mishap and move forward.

BuffedStuff © 2011

Detect And Detonate

Dangerous distractions, are hideous traps that will divert your attention from your main objective. Be on guard, and stay focused on what really matters....your goals!

BuffedStuff © 2011

Now Time...Let's Celebrate!

Now is not the time to get lost on the mistakes or triumphs of the past or get excited about what could happen in the future. It is time to focus on the challenges, obligations and victories of today. It is the time of NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow simply NOW. If we place all of our energies on doing our very best Now, everything else will fall into place. What can you do right now that will move you closer to your goals?


Capture the vision, accomplish the mission.

Combat Ready

Aggressive action, Violent Force

You are not playing around, no not this time. You have failed in the past had your face in the ground. You have learn your lesson and you are stronger than before, this time you are going to win it because the only mode you operate in is attack.

Aggressive determination doesn’t have time to play, you take advantage of every opportunity, you goal is now number one. Nothing stands in the way of your progression, you are powerful, decisive and fierce.............

 BuffedStuff © 2011

Repeat After Me!

I can!

Stay True

Progression will not happen overnight, but it will happen, stay true the process.

The Beauty Of Everything You Can Become.....Awaits!

bloom into something extravagant, blossom into something beautiful.

Celebrate all that you are and all that you are in the process of becoming. 

Lift Off

Your dreams are crying out unleash us. Your hopes stagger with excited anticipation. Your desire, propels you in the direction of excellence. This is your season, your time to soar. It doesn't seem possible, the odds assure everyone that it is not probable, but the fire from within quakes your very soul. It is time to soar, to ridiculous heights, to venture underneath uncharted skies.The freedom to soar is now in your hands, the freedom to become something new is within your control. The freedom to step outside of the crowd and fulfill your destiny awaits, will you answer the call? There is greatness within you, allow it to soar.  

Surprise Yourself!

Exceed the expectations, surpass the standard ....excel! Refuse to be satisfied with second rate anything. Implement your remarkable potential today.


Never .......Underestimate your potential ( you were created to do awesome things)

Never......Question your worth ( you are priceless, a unique jewel of the universe)

Never....Lose hope ( Life will knock you down but you have the ability to bounce back)

                                 and never ever give up on your dreams

Your dreams may seem impossible, improbable and unobtainable but don't allow that to stop you. It takes a visionary with a vision that they simple refuse to give up on to make the impossible....possible! You were born to unleash the vision that has been placed in your heart....unleash it!

People keep on telling me what I can never achieve, become or do and I just keep on believing in awesome possibilities and proving to myself oh, yes I can. I guess my entire point is this

Never give up on you!

Don't Do It!

Self-sabatoge has got to stop. If you know something will hamper your growth and development, don’t do it! Once you come to a realization that certain activities will cause you to relapse, refrain from participating. If you have a fail proof plan don’t deviate from it. Don’t do anything that would cause you to forfeit your goals and lose out on the prize. You have the power to choose your actions utilizie that power to improve your odds of being successful. If it will keep your from your goal...don’t do it!

What's Standing Between You & Your Dream?

What are you willing to fight for? What sacrifices are you willing to make? what risk are you willing to take?

Move On

Beating yourself up over your failures and shortcomings should never be allowed. Learn from mistakes and move on. You posses the power that is needed to reach your objectives. The time to give up on yourself is ....never! 


Imagine what you can achieve and then achieve it!

....I Don't Feel Like It!

Don't allow the roller coaster ride of emotions influence your training schedule. Harness those emotions get your mind in the zone, remember why you are doing this and give your workouts the intensity they deserve. Later you will savor the results despite your emotions. 

Believe In The Dream

Inside each person lies a dream, that yearns to become a reality. Never doubt your abilities, refuse to quit because of defeats, become everything you were designed to be. The Creator of your soul only designs greatness, you get to decide whether you will unleash it. Unleash the dream, realize the vision, celebrate your life. 

The Cleanse

Have you been brainwashed into a sea of negativity? Polluted thinking leads to destructive habits. Cleanse your mind with truth.

Testing 1,2,3

The limits you test today will be the barriers you break tomorrow. No matter how much greatness you have released, if you are reading this there is still greatest within. Don’t entrap yourself with negative thinking, defeated logic or an unforgiving heart. You can do great things, share much love, and capitalize upon your talents,if you refuse to stop the flow.Death is the end of a process, when one stops loving they start dying. When one stops giving they start dying, when one stop developing and exploring they start dying. To be fully alive on this planet,you must continue to overcome obstacles, contend with problems, and create authentic joy by fully embracing your blessings.

Everyone hurts, but not everyone becomes bitter. Everyone faces some form of injustice, unfairness or even cruelty but not everyone become a victim. Don’t allow failures to keep you from trying. Keep testing your limits, pushing past what you think you can do and become. Learn to love yourself for who you are now and for what you are in the process of becoming. There is beauty in you, greatness abounds if you simply focus on being the best that you can be. Never gaze upon another person and wish you could be like them, simply realize you were designed to be the best you possible, settle for nothing less.

Fill your mind with wondrous possibilities, deflect all negative thoughts believe in you.There are so many unexplored talents inside of you that one lifetime is simply to short to bring all of it into fruition. Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself.Why spend a lifetime doing the predictable when so many options are available. What is it that you have always wanted to do but never got around to? What are your hopes and dreams? How can you make the quality of your life better today? What limits are you willing to

test today? What barriers will you break tomorrow? Remember the limits you test today will be the barriers you break tomorrow. Sitting back doing nothing means more of the same. Today was designed for living, celebrate today.



Expect to win and then do it!

Conquer It !

Today is a new day with awesome possibilities. What were you designed to conquer? conquer it!

Hold Steady Until You Win

Victory is assured if you simply refuse to quit, stop the whining refuse to complain. Your failures are as important as your wins. You only arrive at the top of your game from what you learned when you were at the bottom.

Work With Me People;)

Getting knocked off course does not mean you have to stay off course . The path will be narrow, bumpy and even painful at time but winners don’t give up, they show up, day after day and do what has to be my friend are a winner, now lets make it happen.

The Power Is Yours

Life really revolves around one question. What sacrifices are you willing to pay to get what you really want? The greater the reward, the greater the sacrifice. Dream big, sacrifice much and enjoy the fruits of your hard-work, consistency and dedication. The one thing in life you absolutely much of yourself you will pour into the process!

Change It!

A limiting excuse finding mindset needs to be changed. Treat unhealthy thoughts patterns the same way you would a dirty diaper. Eradicate and dispose of immediately, you are champion think, act and become. 

You Decide

Are you will to hurdle road block, maneuver around obstacles, transcend limiting belief structure and fight hard until you make your dream a reality? The decision is yours alone, the opposition that you will face will be real. The fact is it is so much easier to quit and sit on the sidelines but are indeed a winner. Don't settle for easy when you can conquer the seemingly impossible. 

Your Turn

Turn that low point into a positive rebound, stand firm and conquer!

Believe In Yourself

Each day is about giving it the best that you have to offer. Take pride in your accomplishments, learn from your defeats and keep pressing through......unleash that magic from within you, you are a winner

Just A Little Bit 

Small incremental changes are vital in obtaining your goal, you really don't want to become overwhelmed by trying to achieve to much in a short span of time. The long term objective can still be obtain one small step a time. 

Yes, You!

You are Champion and your battle cry is I will not stop, I will not quit, I will bot be defeated. I will eventually win!


This is a season growth,opportunity,angst and pleasure. You will never have true growth without the growing pains that accompany them. Sometimes your world will seem shaken upside down, jolting you out of your comfort zone so you can progress into something new. Yes, it is time for a new thing, so never be afraid to do something you have never done before, it is one surefire way to become someone you have never been before.

There are all sorts of new stuff waiting to be released from within,stop suppressing it...release 





Focus On The Blessings

Celebrate life from a thankful heart......You are blessed!

Freedoms Pledge...

Live your dreams,( not anyone else's ) achieve your goals ( don't stop until you make it happen)

explore your passions and enjoy life.

Standing Strong: Through The Pain Of It All 

The easy part is usually divided into two sections....Section One The dreaming and planning phase and section two endgame when you get to enjoy the victory. In between you will face the battle and it will be harsh, you will grow weary, get tired and want to give up; because in order to triumph you have to go through the pain. The pain of change, the pain of inconvenience and every other pain you can imagine. The good news is you are strong enough to perceiver and prevail, when you are chasing a G-d ordained dream, it is your destiny....fulfill it 

Make It Bulletproof

Eliminate the excuses, move out of comfort zone, come up with a bulletproof plan and then get it done. You are Champion....get it done.

Two Words

You Can!!!!!

Don't Let Go....

Don't let go of your future, by jeopardizing your health today, don't bury your potential by taking the easy options as the hard consequences dangle over you head waiting to pounce upon you at the right moment.

July 1, 2011: Remember that date because it means we have consumed the first half of 2011. I don't know if you are on top of your goals or if they are simply a dim vision. I do know that now is the time to refocus, readjust, and war for the goal. It is time to battle, it is yours if you will fight for it. No retreat, no turning back, take charge and do what needs to be done. EASY is for quitters and you are not a quitter, press through the hard things for amazing results.

It's A Done Deal

Refuse to see anything but total victory…..believe in your abilities, never doubt and don’t wavier.

Listen To Me

You are not to old and it is not impossible....go for it!


We gravitate towards those things we think about be they positive or negative and sooner or later we act upon what we think about. What are you thinking? My suggestion is to think about being the best version of yourself and then become.

Utilize The Moment

Today is a day of no excuses, simply take action in the direction of your purpose. Do it now and be your best!

Beat Down

Fight for it, stand strong and safeguard your dreams. Give birth to them in the in the secret place if need be...but make it happen.

Just Get It

Eliminate that low self belief system, You are important, respect yourself.

You Are ....

beautiful, accept it.

I Wonder

What would happen if you attempted the seemingly impossible and it became a reality? Life it is about defying the odds.

When Motivation is not enough

Stay the course, even when the winds of adversity blows against you.

Gimme Me Some More

A week of hard training when life is already biting you in the butt can make you feel like a wounded warrior. We all get to that point where we want to feel sorry for ourselves, the mind grows weary, the muscles get sore, the routine gets old but if the goal has not been reached you simply have to take a deep breath and shout gimme some more. Give me some more intensity, some more drive, some more, I can do this spirit. The road to achieving a worthwhile goal is really a challenge. The storms of life refuse to stop, so you have to press onward despite the challenges.


Just get it: Eliminate that low self-esteem belief system. You are important, respect yourself.

The Process

It is never easy, ever,to achieve somethng of value...there are no short cuts and no easy solutiions. You can spend a lifetime quitting whenever the going gets tough or you can endure the process (discomfort, angst, test and trials) You have winner written all over you refuse to be denied stand strong.

No Excuses

Excuses will stymie your growth, ruin your chances, prevent you from becoming your best. When it comes to training with intensity and fueling for power....You can, You must, You will excuses allowed.

No Foolin'

NO Fooling

YOu are Precious

You are unique and valuable

You are an original "Masterpiece" completely priceless

You are Smart, Intelligent and Worthy

You are Beautiful and Attractive,

You are Deserving of Love and Respect

Never fool yourself by believing otherwise

bask in the wonderful glow of who you are and what you can become.

Stir It Up!

Passion is a powerful force that will lead you to your goals but it take persistence. You have to stir up the flames of passion daily in order to keep the dream from dying. Meditate upon your goals and take action steps that will lead your closer towards them. Stir it up, stay focused, stay strong.

The Actions Of A Contender

The Actions Of A Contender

I play to win. That doesn’t mean I don’t get knock down, and slapped around in this journey called life.

Life isn’t always a nice and kind lady, she can be a wild cat and watch out when her kitty claws come out.

She can be vicious but I play to win. When she kicks and punches me, I can still stand firm because I am cloaked in armor that protects me from fatal harm. I play to win. I refuse to quit until the mission is complete. I struggle, I strain, yet I thrive, on being my best.

I refuse to drink from the well called easy, contaminated by the masses. The results are always bitter and the only thing that appears sweet is the illusion. I will stand on solid rock of truth which yells you simply

reap what you sow. The truth refuses to change no matter, how many may disagree. I sip on the bitter tea of discipline. I chew on the bitter bark of commitment which forces me to move forward. I carefully guard my emotions, for I will fail if I allow them to control me.

I don’t have to feel like running the race, I simply do. I don’t have to enjoy the process, I just perform the

task that is thrust before me. I do because I have the heart of a warrior, and the spirit of a conqueror .

If I refuse to master myself, then I must forfeit the victory, and live in the misery of regret. I refuse to live life on the sidelines of could have been. I will pay the price that come with maximizing my potential.

It is the Act Of A Contender, standing on the principles of the one who redeemed me.


Get Clued In

I often get asked this question "What is the easiest way to lose the weight?" my reply is always the same

Lots of hard work repeated daily.

The easy way out is a cover up, for never obtaining lasting success. Don't be fooled by the gadget, gimmicks and slick marketing. Weight Loss is not a easy process, shaking your lifestyle can be painful but you can do it.

Now press through towards victory.

Life In Progress

Your life cannot be put on hold, so why put off fulfilling your dreams? Go for it.

Fast & Easy....Not

Physique sculpting, body building, fat loss, and other forms of health improvement methods are going to take time. Don't be fooled into believing that the process will be fast and easy. We live in a world of fast approaches but in the case of transforming your body and forming new habits patience truly is a virtue. You will fall, and stumble along the way. You also learn how to be sucessful as you develop the patience that is needed to make your transition and transfomation a successful one.

Don't Even Think About It!

You will not quit, you shall not be deterred, you will finish and make your goals a reality. Don't even think about quitting, you must succeed. If you fail get back up and keep getting back up until victory is yours.

Question Of The Moment

What did you do today to move closer to your goals?

Didn't They Tell You?

You are smarter than you think you are.

You are beautiful and unique

You are Champion and you can achieve your goals.

Today I applaud all my sisters and brothers in the family of mankind, who strive to become better than they use to be. You are appreciated.

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

The good news for today is:

  • YOu might have setbacks, challenges and disappointments but you will make a comeback.
  • YOu might be worn, battered and torn by the processes of life but you will be renewed and refreshed.
  • YOu might want to quit and walk away but you will readjust your attitude and do what you were designed to will push through... you are a champion, you can do this thing.

Get Results

Doers get results...Do It.

Think On This

Do all you can daily to accomplish your goals. Push past the insecurities, and moments of self doubt. After the struggle abates triumph will occur.


The right time to pursue your goals, target your dreams and achieve your objectives is right now. I tell you, there will never ever be a perfect time or ideal situation. Just do it now today, not next Monday....Now. If you have drifted off course the best time to course correct You have such awesome potential don't wait until some "perfect time" in the future to unleash it.....Now!

Press Here

To all of you in hot pursuit of your goal. stay focused on the target, Press onward, despite the challenges, distractions, obligations and all other things call are champion, you can do this thing

It Is Up To You

Always stay focused on the goal, it will blow your mind when the dream is made manifest.

you can do this thing.


Stay on fire, with purpose in your heart. The temptation to veer off course is always there, don't derail your goals, utilized determination and discipline to keep you steady.

This is Gonna Hurt...Ouch

Change comes at a high price, it is not comfortable nor is it easy. You may fail may times before you get it right. That is okay you just have to develop a strong winning mindset and press forward. You can change!


What is the one thing that is Keeping you from reaching your goals? what are you willing to do about it?

Don't Neglect The Gift

You have awesome potential....use it, don't abuse it...

The Magic Pill Does Not Exist

One dose of total commitment is all that is needed to unleash the power that you harbor from within. You just press onward when you feel like quitting. Whatever you task give it your all. You want awesome results then you have to allow the hand of discipline to mold and perfect you. It will not be easy, It will hurt, you want always like the process but you will enjoy the results. You have the power to propel yourself forward and achieve your goals....don't stop now.

Lovin' The Skin You Are In

Never lose the beauty of who you are by hiding underneath the shadow of someone one else. Beautiful and unique that is what we all are...simply continue to strive to be a better verison of who you already are. Love the skin you are in and respect your fellow man.

Use It Now!

You have such awesome potential ....use it

Continue until You Make It Happen

Setbacks, defeat and failure are simply glitches on your road to victory. They provide you with the opportunity to regroup, reexamine and recommit yourself to eventual victory. Don't quit get back up and try again with a different approach.

One Step At A Time

Small incremental changes are vital in obtaining you’re your long term objectives. The small stuff really does matter. It either takes you closer to your goal or farther away from your goals.

Let's Do It!

Never underestimate your potential, you may not think that you can, so change the way you think, regroup and hone your skills unleash the best you possible.

When The Wrecking Ball Of Life Hits

Conflicts, constraints, and confusion may arise to get keep your focus off of your prize. You must combat those obstacles with total commitment. Continue to move forward even when the way seem challenging and difficult. Don't quit now.

Authentic & Real

Each person is a precious an unique jewel, a valuable original. When we compare, instead of appreciate we set into motion a lot of unhealthy and harmful attitudes. we will either think we or better than or less than someone else and both schools of thought are wrong we are all just different.

Let your beauty shine, be the best you possible and learn to celebrate the unique beauty of others. Life is short, love the skin you are in and share the love

Fine Tune Your Focus

Determination and power wrapped up in a laser focused mind can achieve anything

Worth It All

The most lucrative investment you will ever make will be to your spiritual, mental and physical health. The time you invest in being mentally, physically and spiritually strong will always pay fantastic dividends. Continue to make being healthy and strong an lifetime pursuit, keep it on your top priority list.

IT'S Your Call

It requires total commitment to achieve the good stuff. This is especially true when it comes to obtaining a leaner, harder and healthier body. You are the gatekeeper of what goes into your mouth and how often you choose to exert your body physically. Safeguard your health, and make taking care of your body a top priority. After all your body is the house you will be living in for a lifetime.

Kick Butt Mode

Got goals? then don't sit around wishing , hoping or waiting to make them happen. Conceive a viable plan, then work diligently to make it happen. It will not be easy, it will not always be fun, but it will make those dreams a reality. Now is the time to get in kick butt mode and make it happen. You can do this!

Battle Cry

You are Champion and your battle cry is

I will not stop

I will not quit

I will not be defeated

I will eventually win.

Another Chance

Each day is an new opportunity to be better than you use to be. Don't wait until a New Years to make a resolution make an new day resolution each and everyday. Don't start tomorrow start today.

Making It Happen

The most unlikely of people can do extraordinary things when they believe. Its all about showing up every day and giving the best that you have to offer. Believe you can, work hard and never give up on your dreams.

Release The Free

Never be afraid to live your dream, one small step at a time. The impossible can be come possible

Strong Enough

When you want it bad enough, you will do what needs to be done to make it happen. You are strong enough to push through.

Thank You

I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have become a part of my journey. Thanks for the support, encouragement and prayers it truly is deeply appreciated. Thank You.

Happy Holidays Everyone

You Time

A caterpillar doesn't stay in the cocoon forever now is time to break free, soar and become everything you were designed to be.

How Important Is It?

What are you willing to give up to obtain your dream? What distractions are keeping your from doing that thing that you need to do in order to give birth to your dream.? Now is the time it ask how important is it ? What are you willing to sacrifice. Once you decide move full speed ahead. earn it.

Push Forth The Dream

Stand your ground your work and dedication will not go unnoticed.


If it seems impossible then it must be worth doing and it must be worth doing well. The boxing ring of life requires you fight, you either train hard prepare and come out ready to give it all you have when the moment is right or you get your butt kicked and wonder what happen. Work with me people....fight back!

Listen Up

Refuse to settle for what you don’t want chase your dreams.

Good Stuff Coming Your Way

I realize the way gets hard, times become tough but hang strong during the times of hard stuff so you can experience and enjoy the good stuff.

Prove It

You think You can't

I know you can

Now prove it !

Decision TIme

Hard places, harsh situations, life throws out the challenges, either we engage and fight for what we really want or not, there are no other choices.

The Person In Charge

Master those emotions, harness those feelings ...Do what needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not . You are in charge.

Now Is The Time To

Pay your dues, leave the gym feeling the pain of a hard workout. Total focus on one thing, the muscle group you are training. Earn the body you want to wear, pay for it with the sacrifice of an intense workout. Eat for health and power, not as a recreational activity. You create your destiny, or you create the excuses that will keep you from ever being what you want to become. Make it happen or not the choice is up to you.

Yes, We Will

We don't quit, we don't give up and we don't waste awesome possibilities. You can achieve your goals, you can reach your dreams. Pay the price never settle for less than your best.


Call out to all of my precious warriors our integrity is on the line. We started this last training matrix strong, now is the time to finish equally as strong. No slacking and no quitting allowed, regroup and give it your best shot. Your best is all that I request. Give it up, soar and be proud.

Fall In Love

Fall In love with your goals, romance them, meditate upon them, never let them out of your sight not even for a moment. Work to make it happen !

Survival Skill 901

Keep pressing through, finish what you start and never give up on you.

Living For The Dream

Inhale: this is only temporary, this is the good kind of suffering it leads to the goal.

Exhale: relax focus on the outcome, now pay the price it is time well spent.

Live for the dream

I Believe....Now Make It Happen!

I don't care how many times you have failed in past...I believe you can reach your objectives if you just dont quit.

You might be surrounded by negative people, and a unsupportive crew, or maybe your are trying to fight the fitness battle all alone. It doesn't matter because I believe you can do this, now all you have to do is make it happen. Don't allow anyone to steal your dreams or rob you of hope. You are one powerful, awesome piece of humanity now believe in yourself and make it happen. Remember in the story of your life you are the star, that make you second to none. Now believe and act.

Cheering you on

excerpt from todays blog

.........come on don't give up on yourself repeat after me. My goals are worthwhile because I am worthwhile. I will never quit, I might fall, I might stumble but I will stay the course. I matter and my dreams matter. I will encourage myself when others around me try to feed me words of negativity. I will remain true, I will stand firm, I refuse to succumb to defeat. I will work hard and I wll eventually recieve the victory.

I can do this!

Fall, Fail, Get Back Up...

Okay it is true confess time in the land of all things Buffed. I admit I fall often, I fail enough to keep me humble and teachable and dependant upon a power much higher than myself. I do however have one ace in the hole, I get back up, I fight for what I want and I don't quit until I win. The battle may be fierce, the odds totally against you but determination and tenacity can never be underestimated. Stand steady, stand strong, remember Champions are born in the fire of adversity. Now go forth and live your dreams Champ.

ps: You didn't think this would be easy did ya ?

Hold On, Stay Focused, Make It Happen

Harsh times will occur, moments of weakness and times of trial will occur. Respond like the champion that you are and press onward.

You Got It ...Now Use It

No matter what I am doing in life my goal is usually the same, to produce results. It is all about producing the best that I can produce in a certain time frame. I don’t give up on my visions and I don’t want others to give up on their dreams either. (Unless it is some antisocial pursuit that will only cause harm and destruction)Being persistent through the struggle is how the goal is achieve. Sure there will be days that you want to quit, give up or try something new, but resist the urge and stay the course. Just be confident in knowing that you have what it takes to achieve the goal.

All The Way!

Now is not the time for half-stepping, take it all the way.

Hang Tough

(blog excerpt)...Keep running your best race everyone and ……

Don’t quit, don’t quit don’t quit….your dreams are worth fighting for


Remain consistent, starting is easy it is stay the course that will cost you. Pay The price, you can do it.


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